STAR MAKERS premiere was held on the 1st of February, in Újpest Rendezvénytér Theatre, Budapest. The story of Nero the egomaniac Caesar is well-known to every generation. What happens if you give strenght to a power-hungry young boy? What happens if you push people down in order to get higher? Star makers is a very interesting tale from PS production, that tells a lot about human nature. 

Best shows of December - Titanic, Veszprém

December is all about getting ready for the holidays, and that includes slowing down a little bit, giving us time to do things we can't do during the year. For example, as theaters of Budapest do as they deliberately schedule their last show of the year for Christmas. It was no different this year, so it was really hard when we had to pick our favorites from the many shows we watched.

"Everything is as strong as the weakest link in it" - Interview with Krisztián Balassa

Last Friday Titanic the musical was premiered at Szeged Open Air Festival. The musical written by Peter Stone and Maury Yeston (1997) arrived as a special premiere, first played in Hungary into the city of sunlight under the starry sky. I talked to the creators before the premiere so through this week  the unsinkable ship will rule the whole website. From Monday til Thursday you can read interviews with the actors, the conductor and the director. On Friday there will be a critic too! 

The Best Musicals in Germany

2018 - Musical Competition - and the winner is: Tanz der Vampire and Anastasia! 

For four weeks you were able to cast your vote and tell us what your favorite musicals, favorite actors and favorite songs are. For the first time, we also asked about your favorite newcomers among the musical actors and actresses. On the first place in the category "Most beloved Long Rung Musical" you chose with 17.70% of the votes the DANCE OF THE VAMPIRE at the Musical Dome Cologne. The Viennese production of the musical classic was also well received by the musical fans and reached third place with 11,04% of the votes. Third place was followed by 10.66% of the votes: DER GLÖCKNER VON NOTRE DAME from Stuttgart. The most popular new musical  in 2018 is ANASTASIA (23.96%). 

You can buy the Anastasia CD from now on!

Original German cast recording of the Broadway musical. Anastasia features a lush, original score from Tony Award winners Stephen Flaherty (music) and Lynn Ahrens (lyrics). The score also includes several of the most beloved songs from the 1997 animated film, adapted for the stage. The 75-minute album includes the Academy Award nominated favorite "Journey to the Past" alongside many new numbers from the show

Budapest Info - "The appeal of unrepeatability"

"...How could you describe, what makes your profession nice and exciting? As a theater conductor I believe the appeal of unrepeatability. One buys the ticket for our shows and hears something that before and after no one will hear. We make it especially for that audience giving in all our talents. I love the living theaters, from 7pm til 10pm the theater is a sanctuary. A good performance frees up enormous energies and adds a lot to the people. What would mean the top of your career? - I've tried myself in many musical genres, let it be musical, opera or operetta. Still, operas are so close to my heart. My dream is to conduct operas in the future. There I feel that the sky and the earth come together and there I stand in the middle of everything..." - (Continues in Hungarian)

ANASTASIA - Stuttgart 2018

Inspired by the beloved films, ANASTASIA transports us from the twilight of the Russian Empire to the euphoria of Paris in the 1920s, as a brave young woman sets out to discover the mystery of her past. Pursued by a ruthless Soviet officer determined to silence her, Anya enlists the aid of a dashing conman and a lovable ex-aristocrat. Together, they embark on an epic adventure to help her find home, love, and family.

With its opulent settings, dazzling costumes, and a soaring score including the song favorites from the hit animated film, “Journey to the Past” and “Once Upon a December,” ANASTASIA is the spectacular new musical about discovering who you are and defining who you’re meant to be.

TITANIC the musical - SZEGED, HUNGARY 2019

In the final hour of 14th April 1912, the RMS Titanic, on her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York, collided with an iceberg and 'the unsinkable ship' slowly sank. It was one of the most tragic and infamous disasters of the 20th Century. 1,517 men, women and children lost their lives.

Based on real people aboard the most legendary ship in the world, Maury Yeston and Peter Stone's stunning musical focuses on their hopes and aspirations. Unaware of the fate that awaits them, the Third Class immigrants dream of a better life in America, the newly-enfranchised Second Class dream of achieving the lifestyles of the rich and famous, and the millionaire Barons of the First Class dream of their mastery lasting forever.

Dance of the Vampires: 300!

The 300. show of Dance of the Vampires was held in Pesti Magyar Theater 13.07.18. in Budapest. The outstandingly spectacular and entertaining musical - with fantastic dance scenes - was premiered in 1997 in Vienna with great success. Thousands thronged after the opening night to get tickets for the show. In Vienna 3 million people watched the show, world-wide 10 million. After Vienna the musical was premiered in Stuttgart, Hamburg, the Broadway, Warsaw, Tokyo, Berlin and Stuttgart again. The most exciting musical of all time was premiered with new visuals and direction in Budapest and this version was presented later in Vienna, Antwerpen, Saint-Petersburg, Moscow for the audience. 

Class&Roll Symphonic Concert Budapest

10. June 2018.

Margitsziget Openair Stage - Budapest

The country's number one concert band, generations' favourite - Quimby's first appearance at Martgitsziget Openair Stage with a very special one time partner: the Obuda Danubia Symphonic Orchestra they make a shortcut to the world of classical music. The well known and popular Quimby songs will be played in symphonic arrangement that was never heard before. 

The most popular musicals in Germany 2017 - here are the winners!

( Finally here is the result: For the fourth time the readers could vote on their favorites. The new production of THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME enchants and becomes the "Most Popular Musical Novelty 2017". Dance of the Vampires is the best Tour Musical. (2nd is The Beauty and the Beast) The most popular theatre is Theater des Westens in Berlin, and the most popular Musical CD is the Hunchback of Notre Dame. 


Chess - the musical (Budapest)

This highly acclaimed musical develops the ancient and distinguished game of chess into a metaphor for romantic rivalries and East-West political intrigue. The principal pawns form a love triangle: the loutish American Grandmaster, the earnest Russian champion, and the Hungarian-American female chess second, who arrives at the international championships with the American but falls for the Russian. From Tyrol to Thailand the players, lovers, politicians, CIA and KGB make their moves to the pulse of this monumental rock score. Several numbers, including "One Night in Bangkok" and "I Know Him So Well", are international hits.

Der Glöckner von Notre Dame (Berlin, München, Stuttgart)

Based on the Victor Hugo novel and songs from the Disney animated feature, The Hunchback of Notre Dame showcases the film’s Academy Award-nominated score, as well as new songs by Menken and Schwartz. Peter Parnell’s new book embraces story theatre and features verbatim passages from Hugo’s gothic novel.e about this item. A sweeping score and powerful story make The Hunchback of Notre Damean instant classic. Audiences will be swept away by the magic of this truly unforgettable musical.

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